Premium Services

Personalized Attendant to Accompany the Patient to the hospital/ Clinic for outpatient or diagnostics *

Be as an attendant, help and drop back home, after the whole process.

  • Home Arrival & Greetings.
  • Get Inputs about the appointment from the patient.
  • Arrange for Cab/Auto/Train (as the ease may be).
  • Be as an attendant throughout the process.
  • Help in buying medicine and carrying papers and organizing them.
  • Accompany back to home.
  • Goodbye with wishes


Rs.1500/- for 8 hours (attendant with medical background)

Rs.1200/- for 8 hours (attendant with non- medical background) 

Extra hour, Rs 75/ hour. After 9 pm, extra Conveyance allowance Rs. 100/-

Hospital INPATIENT Attendant for Hospitalized Patients**

Rs. 600/day 8 hrs. to Rs. 75/Extra hrs.

Rs. 1500/day for 24 hrs.

The cost of food will be extra Rs. 100/ meal or to be provided by the hospital)

Priority Doctor’s appointment

Doctor’s charges (may vary from regular charges) Plus Namaste Health Service charge @ 500/- +GST@18%

Priority Hospital bed Arrangement

Hospital charges Plus Namaste Health Service charge (Customized)

OUTSATAION MEDICAL ATTENDENT: Call for customized package
ATTENDANT FOR COVID PATIENTS: Call for customized package.

Attendant + Covid Kit (N95 Mask, Spectacles. Cap, Face Shield, PPE)

* The attendant’s KYC has been verified by the company, but these persons are not the employees of the company. In case of anything abnormal, please inform our helpline and government authorities as the case may be.