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Benefits Of Namaste Health Platform

Benefits For Patient

An app like this is designed to help PATIENTS to connect to SPECIALIST DOCTOR for their illness or problem. Today, in the era of technology, everyone wants the best treatment, and rightly so. This Best treatment can usually only be given by Specialist Doctors. The specialist doctors are those who are expert of certain systems and illnesses of your body. They have studied beyond the graduation (MBBS) and done their post- graduation (MD, MS, DNB, DM, MCH, PG diploma etc.) in their specialty.


Through this app, we have tried to connect you to the SPECIALIST DOCTORS (Refer above) based on your SYMPTOMS. You just have to identify your key 1 symptom (Problem) and click. We will make available to you specialist within hardly  any time for video connect. The probability of getting connected to a correct specialist is very high. In case a specialist (after you reach the hospital and after examining you) feels that other doctors are also needed  you will be directed accordingly . If the specialist is by any chance not available; the call will get connected with our 24×7 call center to help you get connected to the specialist.



The app is designed for all types of medical advices. VIDEO CALL is better than audio call and chats. Since you will be SEEN (by Video call) by the SPECIALIST DOCTOR (instead of General practitioner), the doctor will have a better idea about your condition. But at the same time there will be some occasions when an accurate judgment cannot be made by the doctor unless He / She examines you.


The idea behind making this app is that any patient should reach the CORRECT SPECIALIST DOCTOR directly in the shortest span of time. Today, India is facing the problem of QUACKS (unqualified people posing  as doctors). We don’t want you to fall in their hands.


You are most likely to get the best treatment if you reach the CORRECT doctor. The app tries to provide a platform for the same. It will not only lead to better treatment and cure rate, it is likely to decrease your expense also because you will not go through a RED TAPEISM kind of system which delays correct treatment to the patient.


This app decreases Hospital hopping at the time of crisis which leads to loss of money, energy and decline of health. We believe this app is one of the best things to happen to Indian health care which is chaotic and directionless.



  • User friendly
  • Connecting with nearest specialist doctors
  • Searching according to your area/location. Change location facility available
  • 2nd opinion can be taken from super-specialist
  • 24*7 service to connect as per emergency/ non-emergency cases
  • Medical reports can be easily stored
  • Safely secure family data
  • Search for value-added services
  • Become part of a growing ecosystem.


Do’s and Don’ts for Patients

This is a medical app. The specialist doctors are giving you advice free of cost so that the help reaches you fast. Please be courteous to the doctor.

Please try and understand the logic of the conversation of the doctor and clarify your doubts clearly and calmly.

Please understand that Video connect is a very good tool but is not a substitute for clinical personal examination by the doctor. After the video connect, meet the doctor as discussed and let him or his team take the final decision. You will be a part of the decision making all throughout.

On Video connect the doctors can only advise any life/limb saving medicines. They can give guidance /help in good faith in order to save a patient life / limb. You will have to visit the specialist doctor and let him/her examine the patient after the called you need a diagnosis and treatment.

There is a separate format for Prescription on the phone ( Teleconsultation). It can be offered by the doctor for repeat follow ups and some simple illnesses.

Threatening a medical person on phone or otherwise is an offence under Indian Penal code. Please refrain from doing it.

It is best interest of the patient as well as the doctor to come on the same wave length for best treatment. Please speak without panicking and clearly.

Only the video connect is free. All the other charges are payable to the doctor at the hospital or doctor’s clinic. Namaste Health  is not a party to such a dispute.

Namaste Health has taken all due care to verify the credentials of the doctors through the medical registry and the associations of the specialists. We are only a facilitator and not actual treatment providers. All the disputes relating to the patient care or otherwise, if ever arise will be between the patient, hospital and the doctor. Namaste Health is not medico-legally responsible for the outcome of the patient.

Benefits Of Doctors

Namaste Health Platform has been conceptualised  by the wisdom of senior medical practitioners and their selfless care for the patients. The app tries to make the doctor-patient- hospital interface more transparent and open. It ensures that the specialists become the !st point of contact for the patients so that the patient gets cured early and the specialists also do not have to deal with complicated  patients especially those who have been treated  before . The symptom based algorithm comes closest to it.

There are various other features which give good experience to the doctors apart from the transparency. The doctor-patient- hospital connect system will ensure that the hospital is well prepared to receive the patient when the patient reaches the hospital , especially in emergency. This  will decrease the frustration of the doctor as well as the patient.

All the conversation is recorded. So there is no ambiguity

There is an SOS  button for the doctor where both the medical distress of a doctor and VIOLENCE ON DOCTOR can raise a silent SOS broadcast for help

The doctors can make themselves AVAILABLE &  UNAVAILABLE as per their convenience

The doctors can see the medical records of the patient.

Model Prescription for TELEMEDICINE is made available

Namaste Health meets all the ethical and  functional guidelines for telemedicine   issued by the Govt. of India.

Doctors are encouraged to share  their views in the blog section

Most Importantly, there is No bias and No preferential listing

Hope this platform brings joy in the hearts  of Doctors who  were looking for their own application.. Please feel free to write to us in case you have any issues or for any suggestions.