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Serving Patients

At Namaste Health our focus is on serving each and every patient from pandemic to emergencies to regular check-up

Enabling Doctors

We bring to the doctors a solution that provides a faster way to deliver contactless scalable and full proof service.

Includes Hospitals

For critical emergencies, we have built the whole echo system to include every stakeholder of medical fraternity

Health Organizations

Government bodies and public health organizations form a critical backbone to support the whole echo system.

How it works

To give you complete 360-degree health care we have made sure that all the patients are given the right amount of attention and care, by following below work-flow.

On the dashboard of the app, there is ‘life-saving emergencies’ option. Just click on the Emergency and get connected. To read more about the work-flow click below button.

News & Articles

Follow the latest news and articles to keep yourself updated about the latest pandemic, health issues, safety measures and news from the development team of Namaste Health

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Get helpful information on what’s important to you when attending to your emergencies.

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