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What is Covid 19 ?

Covid 19 or Coronavirus is a disease caused by  a new type of Virus which originates in China   in December 2019 and then has spread all around the world including India.

The symptoms of the disease may be very mild or may become serious in very small percentage of the persons.

It is like  common flu but  spreads more  faster than common flu and also has higher rate of seriousness.

  1. It is important to realize that  do not be afraid of the disease and stigma of the disease. Your safely comes first. Consult a doctor as soon as you are unwell.
What are the symptoms of COVID 19 or CORONA disease ?

The virus disease  may  not have any symptoms aor the symptoms may be very mild like sorethroat or mild fever or some  bodyache or diarrhea in majority of the patients. More than 80 to 90% patients fall in this category.

In the many patients ( moderate severity) the symptoms may be  little more troubling like high fever, bad throat, running nose, dry cough, breathlessness, severe diarrhea,  abdomen  pain etc.

In severe cases the breathlessness may be very severe, fever may be very high, cough may be very severe and become life threatening.

Again, as said before, it is important to realize that  do not be afraid of the disease and stigma of the disease. Your safely comes first. Consult a doctor as soon as you are unwell.

When should I see a doctor ?

You should consult a doctor if you come in the moderate or severe category as per your symptoms. The problem with COVID 19 is its fast deterioration in many cases. So if you have discomforting symptoms, please consult the doctor.

How can I consult the doctor ?

Doctors can be consulted by physically visiting them or by telephonic/ video consultation (TELECONSULTATION). Namaste Health is providing a robust video tele consultation service as well as  other facilities like hospital connect, diagnostics, ambulance services, covid bed availability etc.

Why are we so afraid of CORONA disease ?

The fear factor of corona is because of its fast spread. Also since the disease is new, the cure is not very certain. The diagnosis is also slow because of less number of diagnostic kits.

All these put together means that high number of cases may come up in the society within a small duration. Even if the number of severe casesis less than 5% approx., given the high population, the total number of patients may be more. This would overburden the health system including critical care system like ICU and ventilators.

Which age group of people should be more careful ?

Although everyone should be very careful, the older people ( more than 50years) and those having other diseases like diabetes, asthma, TB, other lung diseases, cancer,  those on chemotherapy, organ transplant patients on immune suppression drugs, other patients  with chronic diseases, pregnant ladies etc. should be  more careful. Although the children are a bit resistant to covid as of the data till now,  since the disease is new we do not know the exact progress of disease in children.

How is the diagnosis of COVID 19 established ?

The diagnosis of Covid 19 is established by a test called RTPCR wherein a swab sample is taken from your nose and the mouth (throat). This is a very simple procedure.

There are some new antibody test from blood had also come. These are gradually being introduced by the government.

What is Quarantine ?

Quarantine means  isolation  of the patient to protect the other persons from becoming infected. Just like in Chicken pox, where  the patient is kept separate from the other members of the family, similarly acorona positive patient is also not allowed to mix with family, friends or society. The  isolation ( quarantine) may be at home inmild cses or in hospital in severe cases.

How should I prevent myself from becoming infected ?

Maintaining social distance with everyone except for those living in your house will prevent you from  getting infected. Try to be at least  2 meters  away from every one whether you are in the market or office or walking or doing any work.

Keep sanitizing your hands very frequently with either sanitizer or soap water ( for 30 seconds).

Wear a mask whenever you go out of the house. Keep changing the mask or washing the mask as the case may be. Make sure not to touch the outer surface of the mask while putting it out. The outer surface may be contaminated by the virus. If you are in doubt, change the mask and sanitize your hand.

Do not hold parties at your home and prevent children from mixing  with other friends.

Sanitize everything you get from outside by  either sanitizer, soap water,  warm water, direct  sun light etc.

What should I do if I feel UNWELL ?

If you have any mild symptoms, most important is to be calm and be observant whether your symptoms are increasing or not. Keep a separate thermometer with you.  Keep charting your temperature and check if you have fever (every 4 to 8 hours, as the case may be). If your symptoms do not increase just relax. You can take over the counter medicines like paracetamol or a cough syrup. Buttake these medicines only once or twice. If your symptoms don’t get controlled without medicines, consult a doctor.

Have plenty of warm water and liquids, tea, coffee etc. You can take Vitamin C, B- complex, vitamin D and Zinc substitutes which are found to be of help in COVID PATIENTS.


If your symptoms increase, please consult your doctor and follow their advice. Namaste Health can help you connect with the doctor and Hospital both as well as may help in arranging bed for you.


There is an instrument called PULSE OXIMETER. If your society has this machine, you can check your blood oxygen level.  For Any reading less than 95%   you should consult the doctor. This does not mean that this is the only  test. If you have any other symptoms not getting controlled, please consult the doctor. Or HOSPITAL

Will I need a ventilator / ICU ?

Only severe cases may require a ventilator/ ICU.  A prompt and early recognition of your symptoms will help you connect with the doctor early. An early identification /diagnosis may prevent  the patient from getting into a severe condition by the treatment.

What are the HOME REMIEDIES for Corona disease ?

There are no sure short methods for home cure of CORONA. But some treatments have found to be helpful.

  • Have Plenty of Warm water, liquids ,tea, coffee , soup etc.
  • Have Citrus fruits like lemon, amla etc
  • You can have KADHAS of Turmeric ( haldi), GINGER ( adrak), TULSI, BLACK PEPPER, Cinnamon, salt Etc
  • Antiseptic mouth washes twice / thrice a day
  • Salt water gargling
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc substitute, B complex also have been found to be helpful.

It is important to realize but at the same time, that please do not try and self medicate  yourself and be overconfident. Please consult a doctor as soon as you feel you are unwell.

Is there a vaccine for COVID 19 available ?

As of today, there are no vaccines available. But many companies including companies in India are working on it. It may be available very soon. Namaste  Health will update on any development on this front.

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