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The good news is that the BMC has decided to streamline the process of bed allotment so that no Covid positive patient with symptoms has to go without a Hospital bed.
Whole Mumbai metropolitan region has been allotted WARD OFFICERS who will allot beds to SYMPTOMATIC PATIENTS .
Patients with NO SYMPTOMS will have to be isolated at home.
BMC telephone number 1916 is not likely to help the patients for bed allotment. Only ward officers will help.

However in Emergency, if any patient, previously without any symptoms, becomes serious, the hospitals can admit directly.
For patients without symptoms, if they don’t want to stay at home, they can be admitted in COVID care centers at NESCO, BKC and RACE COURSE.

NAMASTE HEALTH believes it is a food move and may help the MUMBAIKARS in a good way if the system is managed well.
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